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AWD EVs and Plugin Hybrids


We realize that most residents and regular winter time visitors to Truckee consider AWD a necessity. So we wanted to highlight the AWD makes/models available today as well as the ones scheduled to debut this year.

Plug-in  Hybrid vs. Hybrid

We chose not to include regular hybrids, because the existing set of non-plugin AWD hybrids have less than stellar MPG ratings. In many cases, car manufacturers have chosen to use the electric motor to boost horsepower rather than increase MPG. 

Maybe you aren't familiar with the distinction between a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. A plug-in hybrid gives the driver the option (you are not required to plug-in) of plugging your vehicle into a charger. The charger charges a battery that typically gives your vehicle an all electric range in the 15-35mile range. For those of us that live and work in Truckee, a high percentage of our driving will be all electric. Once the battery runs out of charge, the gas engine kicks in.  

EV Guide

Drive Clean Bay Area has put together a wonderful guide to buying EVs and plugin hybrids that makes it easy to compare models and to plan your purchase. 

Compare Total Cost of Ownership and Carbon Emissions

MIT researchers have created an easy to use online tool that clearly shows that EVs are easier on the environment and easier on your wallet.  If you specify your state, it will calculate available rebates and will take into account the mix of renewables vs fossil fuels in your utility's energy mix.

Currently Available


Rather than create our own lists, we rely on others here. New models are coming out every month so check these websites below for updates. Two members of 100% Renewable Truckee own AWD EVs and would be happy to share their experiences with them. One owns an Audi Etron and the other a Tesla Model 3 AWD. 

All Electric (EV):


Plugin Hybrid:

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