Heat Pump HVAC Systems

Heat Pump Primer


Efficiency Vermont has an excellent primer on heat pump technology. Keep in mind that Vermont is significantly colder than Truckee, with many winter days of subzero temperatures. In our climate, heat pump technology will keep your home toasty. That said, having a natural gas, propane, or wood pellet stove for power outages is a good idea as a heat pump won't work when the power is out.

Another consideration is whether your home is in one of the neighborhoods in Truckee with a higher snow load (Tahoe Donner for instance). If your home is in one of these neighborhoods, please contact us to get the latest information on the best approach for you to take. In other neighborhoods with less snow load heat pump HVAC systems will be a great fit.

Nate the House Whisperer


Another excellent resource is Nate the House Whisperer. He is a nationally recognized expert on home efficiency and electrification. He has three guides: one on home efficiency and two on HVAC technology.  All three are worth reading.

Cold Climate Heat Pump HVAC Makes/Models

The following guide is exhaustive and probably lists too makes/models for the average consumer: to make much sense of it. its worth a look though. The takeaway is that there are myriad options for folks like us that live in cold climates:


Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships guide to Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps