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Join 100% Renewable Truckee

Check the EVENTS tab to confirm the date/time/location of our monthly meeting

Also, use the CONTACT tab to reach out and ask to be added to our mailing list.

Attend a board meeting

In Truckee, decision making power is shared between several independent entities (Truckee Town Council, Truckee Donner PUD, Truckee Fire District, Truckee Sanitation District and the Truckee School Board). All of these entities make decisions that will effect our town's ability to move towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. We ask our members to advocate during public comment periods of board meetings.

The following is a signup sheet for folks that are interested in attending these meetings: 

Contact your Elected Representatives

California is making serious headway on pro-climate legislation. Please find below a list of legislation that has been introduced in the California Assembly and Senate.  Please reach out to your California Senator and Assembly Member. If you live in Truckee, those are Brian and Megan Dahle respectively. You can call or email them. Explain to them briefly why action on climate change is important to you personally and then list the pieces of  legislation that you would like them to support.

Here is our list of legislation that if enacted would have a positive effect on climate change. 


Assembly Bill 1218 (McCarty) Puts into law that to achieve our state’s climate and air quality goals, California will only allow the sale of zero-emission cars and light trucks by 2035.
Assembly Bill 20 (Lee) Prohibits corporate campaign contributions, copying the law of twenty two other states.   
Assembly Bill 372 (Leyva) Provides critical financial assistance so that independent truckers can switch to zero-emission heavy trucks, pivotal if we are to beat the emerging climate crisis

Senate Bill 67 (Becker) Moves California's renewable energy deadline up from 2045 to 85% by 2030 and 90% by 2035.
Senate Bill 467 (Wiener) Bans new fracking permits and permit renewals in California.  Requires a 2,500 safety buffer between oil and gas equipment and homes, schools, and other fragile places people congregate.
Senate Bill 671 (Gonzalez) Establish the Clean Freight Corridor for California’s 5 most-used freight corridors, to reduce pollution in underserved communities while speeding the vital electric trucking transformation.
Senate Bill 260 (Wiener) Requires companies who do more than $1 billion in business in California to disclose the true scope of their global-warming-causing pollution, and their plan to reduce the harm.
Senate Bill 449 (Stern) Requires the many arms of the financial services industry report the risks climate change poses to their portfolios, investors, and customers.
Senate Bill 596 (Becker) Requires the state and cement industry develop a strategy to reduce that industry's greenhouse gas pollution by at least 40% by 2030, and achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2045.
Senate Bill 525 (Chiu) A pilot project for renewable energy from offshore wind turbines.
Senate Bill 54 (Allen) Solves the plastics crisis in California by requiring that all single-use plastic be either truly recyclable or truly compostable by 2032.
Senate Bill 31 (Cortese) Start our state on the path to getting greenhouse gas pollution out of space heating and water heating, in our buildings.

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