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Building Electrification



Buildings in Truckee are our largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to make real headway eliminating this source of emissions, we need to go beyond efficiency measures and get serious about electrifying our building stock. It doesn't have to happen all at once, but it does need to start now and ramp up quickly to meet our decarbonization goals. Also, the State of California is already drafting rules that will forbid buying new gas appliances for homes after 2030. So we in Truckee need to figure out the best way to make this transition as seamless and cost effective as possible. 

To that end, we have put together a list of some of the best on-line and in-person resources we are aware of. Scroll down to see the list and explore all the wonderful information available to you. The last item in this is definitely not the least. It gives the contact info for a Truckee local who has electrified his home and has generously offered to be a resource for the community on home electrification implementation.

Nate the House Whisperer


Nate the House Whisperer is a nationally recognized expert on home efficiency and electrification. His whole website is an excellent resource for home electrification, but this page in particular is a wonderful place to come up to speed.

Rewiring America

This prominent 501(c)3 organization is devoted to electrifying homes in America. They have a bevy of detailed resources on home electrification. Here are some highlights:

Geothermal Networks/HEET

HEET is a 501(c)3 based in Massachusetts. They are promoting a novel approach to transition fossil gas utilities to zero-carbon thermal utilities which they have dubbed networked geothermal. They have gained serious traction in Massachusetts with two gas utilities. Those utilities are in process of implementing pilot projects with actual customers.  100% Renewable Truckee believes this approach could be very valuable to Truckee residents, and could have wider, regional benefits as well.

HEET has a publicly accessible Google folder with all kinds of useful information for municipalities/organizations interested in implementing geothermal networks.  Keep in mind that some of the information in this folder is fairly specific to Massachusetts, but there is still plenty of useful information to be found. Including a list of consultants, project managers, engineering companies and financiers who have developed geothermal networks.



Acterra is a 501(c)3 based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have a whole host of wonderful home electrification resources you can find here.

Truckee Home Electrification Expert

Dave Donnelly is a Truckee realtor who got passionate about home electrification. He educated himself, mostly with the help of Nate the House Whisper's website and Facebook page and then Dave electrified his home in Glenshire. Dave has agreed to make himself available to Truckee homeowners who are interested in electrifying their homes as a resource. He can recommend contractors and fill you in on some of the benefits and some of the pitfalls to avoid. You can reach out to Dave directly at

You can read an informative profile of Dave published in 2022 in the Sierra Sun here.

Cold Climate Heat Pump HVAC Makes/Models

The following guide is exhaustive and probably lists too makes/models for the average consumer: to make much sense of it. its worth a look though. The takeaway is that there are myriad options for folks like us that live in cold climates:


Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships guide to Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps 

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