100% Renewable Truckee

Moving Truckee Towards A Renewable and Sustainable Future

100% Renewable Truckee's dedicated team of volunteers works with the Town of Truckee, the Truckee Donner PUD and other stakeholders to  implement the following sustainability initiatives within the town of Truckee:

  • transition to 100% renewable electricity town-wide by 2030

  • transition to 100% renewable energy in all sectors town-wide by 2050

  • 80% reduction in carbon emissions from the 2019 baseline by 2040.

Latest News


May 11, 2021

Utilities at the Forefront

Canary Media: What's different about the utilities at the forefront of the energy transition?


April 1, 2021

Eight Benefits of Building Electrification

Rocky Mountain Institute list of reasons to electrify our buildings makes a powerful case.


January 5, 2021

GE's Monster Wind Turbine

General Electric has leap frogged the incumbent wind turbine developers with its gigantic new turbine.


May 27, 2018

Heat Pump Water Heater Performance Report

Energy 350: CO2 & Integrated Heat Pump Water
Heater Performance Report


May 7, 2021

California's Proposed Building Codes

Canary Media: California's proposed building code boosts all-electric, but it doesn’t stop natural gas


January 7, 2021

How 100% clean energy could power our cities and towns

Grist has produced a 6min video explaining how we can get to 100% clean energy


January 4, 2021

Path to 100

The organization Path to 100 has created a wonderful resource for North American decarbonization that includes a blog and guide to decarbonizing the electrical grid.

May 18, 2018

Electrify Everything Course

Nate Adams gives a soup to nuts electrification guide for single family homes


April 5, 2021

RMI Building Electrification

Rocky Mountain Institute has a whole collection of great articles on building electrification


January 6, 2021

Top 5 Green Building Words of 2020

BtheChange lists their top 5 Green Building Words of 2020


June 1, 2018

A Clean Path to the Future

How the Truckee Tahoe region will get to 100% renewables?